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I decided to diverge from my choice of films featuring old women and offer our film group at the Lexi a screening of The Straight Story (1999). As I remembered, it was about an end-of-life serene journey and visually beautiful.  I do … Continue reading

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London Film Festival: I’m Carolyn Parker

When I started to study old women and films I decided not to consider documentaries as the field is too extensive.  I’m Carolyn Parker was screened at the LFF a few days ago .  I had recently read  ‘Agewise: fighting the … Continue reading

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Another angry woman

Is this an epidemic? “Janet Briggs of Halesowen U3A rages against the cult of looking young”. In the Spring issue of U3A News, not noted for its feminism, a page article extols the attractiveness of old age. “Are we already … Continue reading

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Warm Heart and Rusty Body ?

12th April 2011 Oh dear! I promised myself when I started this blog not to mention every instance of ageism I come across in the fear of the ‘grumpy old woman accusation’. It has not been difficult up to now … Continue reading

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Ageism and Anger

April 10th 2011 Before going back to Volver, my blog today deals with instances of ageism that I have mentioned occasionally but that I would like to put together. I took Morganroth Gullette’s Agewise to read while away on holiday. … Continue reading

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