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La cohabitation n’a jamais fait de bien à personne. (my mother) Life  flies past us so swiftly that few of us pause to consider those who have lost the tempo of today. Their laughter and their tears we do not even … Continue reading

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Age Spots and Spotlights: Celebrity, Ageing and Performance

An interesting research symposium “Age Spots and Spotlights: Celebrity, Ageing and Performance”.  http://agespotsandspotlights.blogspot.com/ I was so pleased to have been invited (on the strength of my blog) by one of the organisers Dr. Deborah Jermyn.  Before going to the event … Continue reading

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The Queen of Spades ( 1949)

Apart from a few people who were familiar with the genre, the Lexi/U3A audience this time was bemused. There are many themes one could explore in the film based on the Pushkin novella: gambling, good versus evil, greed, the supernatural, the … Continue reading

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