A Really Bad Film : Se Souvenir des Belles Choses (2001)

My last blog dates to Sept 2020. Since then my computer refuses to follow my instructions and I gave up blogging until the visit of a young relative found the offending mistake…… 

With our daily viewing of feature films during this computer strike, we (my partner and me) had to change my choice of old women films and agree to watch a variety of films for a variety of reasons. A brother of mine from New Zealand recommended a Lebanese series. He chose it because the sound of spoken Arabic made him nostalgic for his youth. We did not have the will to go beyond two episodes\. A cousin on the other hand sang the praises of an Israeli series that we got hooked on and viewed in its entirety. In this case the film recalled for us our stay in Israel where we met. We did not last long in this apartheid country. 

I received this morning in the post a French DVD  : “Se Souvenir des Belles Choses”  (2001). I cannot remember why or when I ordered it. I must have done so because it is about Dementia. Not available in English I viewed it in French. I started it in the morning and found it unbearable. Its treatment of a home and staff for mentally ill people is so superficial that it tends to the gross  comic. 

I finished the viewing this afternoon. It went from bad to worse. The interview with the director was just as superficial and nonsensical….. 

No expert in the matter I just wonder if 20 years ago mental illness was more of a  taboo subject than it is now…. 

About rinaross

Born in 1935. MA in Film and Television Studies at the University of Westminster 1998. Studying the representation of older women in film since then.
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