List of Films

The following is a list of the films and the dates of my blog about them.

Advanced Style                                May 2014

After Life                                           May 9th 2018

Ali Eats the Soul                              November 2014/October 2016

Alive and Kicking                            April 2016

All About Eve                                   February 2011

Alexandra                                         February 2010

Amour                                                April 2013

Another Year                                    June 2012   

Aquarius                                            October 2017

Antonia’ Line                                    April 2014

Arsenic and Old Lace                      January 2013

Baboussia                                          January 2015

Bachus Lady                                      October 2016

Baghban                                            November 2010/August 2013

Ballad of Narayama                        October 2013/2016

The Barbarian Invasions               Nosember 2016 /February 2016

Caramel                                             March 2012 /December 2016

Central Station                                  May 2010

Chronic                                               August 2016/July 2016/March 2016

The Clock                                            October 20  2018

Cloud 9                                                June 2010

Company of Strangers                      July 2013

Coriolanus                                         October 2011

Dendera                                             October 2011

Departures                                         April 2013

Edie                                                      June 7th 2018

Fabulous Fashionistas                     February 2014

Gentleman’s Agreement                   September 2017

Great Expectations                           February 2011

Harold and Maude                           May 2011/January 2017

Hotel Salvation                                  August 20th 2018/September 9th/ 2018

In Her Shoes                                       July  2010

I’m Carolyn Parker                           October 2011

Innocence                                            December 2013

Gosford Park                                      January 2012    

Harold and Maude                            January 2017

The Lady Vanishes                           October 2011

The Ladykillers                                 October 2009

Louise Wimmer                                October 2011

Lovely Still                                         July 2014

Make Mine  Mink                              June 2017

Mamadrama                                      October 2014

Marvin’s Room                                  July 2017

Mid-August Lunch                           November 2009,

Mother and Son                                January 2013  (guide page)

Miss Robin Hood                               June 201616

My Afternoons with Margueritte  June 2011

Mrs. Caldicot’s Cabbage War         December 2009/August 4th/2018

Mrs. Henderson Presents                 December 2011

Mum and Me                                        October 2014

The Night of the Hunter                    October 2011

Opening Night                                     June and July 2014

Pather Panchali                                  March 2012/January 2018

Pauline and Paulette                          November 2009/October 2016/November 2017

The Past                                                 May 2014

Potiche                                                   August 2011

The Proprietor                                      August 2014

Les Temps Qui Changent                   January 2014

Quartet                                                   May 2012

The Old Woman Who Walked in the Sea October 2014

The Queen of Spades                            June 2011

The Salt of Life                                      August 2011

Since Otar Left                                      November 2014  August 2017

A Song for Marion                               March 2013

Sous le Sable                                         March 2014

The Straight Story                              June 2012/ September 2014/March 2017/June2018

Sunset Boulevard                                October 2010

Tatie Danielle                                       May2016

Tokyo Story                                         April 2010

The Tree of Life                                  August 2011

Volver                                                   April 2011 /February 2018  

Whales of August                               September 2013/March 2016

Le Week-End                                       June 2014

The Wife                                               October 27

The Winter Guest – funerals              April 1997

A Woman’s Tale                                  July  2016

Wrinkles                                               February 2016

Unhook the Stars                                August 2014

Where Do We Go Now?                    October 2011




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Ageism in Hollywood                         October 2016

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2 Responses to List of Films

  1. Stacy Davies says:

    Hello! I am so happy to find this blog. I lecture on women in film at a local university and have recently put together a class called “Sex Over 60” that will screen 6 feature films of mature women engaged in love, both physical and emotional. I had to laugh when you wrote it’s mostly the 40-60 year old women who rant about no representation in cinema of mature women, because I’m 43 and constantly complaining about it! – as well as all other stereotyping/erasure of females. I wonder if you have a particular set of films you feel represent older women in a positive sexual light? I have included in the screenings for this course “Cloud 9,” “The Mother,” “Love Ranch,” “An Unremarkable Life,” “Potiche” and “My Mother Likes Women.” Would love your feedback, as I also must show some clips from other films, perhaps “Lovely, Still,” although I found it to be so depressing at the end.

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