I started the nursing school. As I mentioned before, I had no idea that the school itself was run by nuns and the last results were supervised by men of the church.  It is much later in the two years that I realised that the nursing school was connected  to other religious organisations.   

The school was attached to a Medical School and Hospital. I learnt more in these years than just subjects in nursing. 

I attended some of the doctors’ lessons, learnt to take blood samples and run a ward. But one thing I did not learn is basic nursing as these tasks were left for the workers who were in the wards for years supervised by a Sister.   Along with the whole hospital I and all the students followed the love story of a doctor and a religious nurse. It is only after some years that I learnt that she finally left the   veil and they got married .   

It is at the hospital that I met a wonderful woman who was working for an International Health Organisation. I cannot remember which one as I was rather naive. She had travelled the world as a nurse for years but needed some papers to get up on the pay scale. She often invited me in her room in the summer where we took our clothes off and laid in the sun.   I was really too innocent to realise that she rather fancied me but I must say that she did not disclose her predilections. 

As a rule I was good at learning and following some Doctor’s classes but rather null at basic nursing.  I learnt that the religious gynaecologist  punished the tribe women who came for help after a self try at abortion by denying them pain killers. On the other hand at night I witnessed the greatness of the nurse taking her own blood and saving the dying babies with her own compatible blood without anybody in the Hospital knowing.   

I received my diploma and was asked to stay another year as a supervisor of the school.

Graduation. The back row are our teachers
Nursing school

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Born in 1935. MA in Film and Television Studies at the University of Westminster 1998. Studying the representation of older women in film since then.
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  1. Mari Sved says:

    Thank you, Rina. So important to record memories while we have the time. You are totally recognisable in the photo.

    Looking forward to reading more!

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