Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool (2017)

Just a note to add the above to Ageing Actor category. Also the second film this season for breast cancer to be in the picture. (The other film being Aquarius).


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Born in 1935. MA in Film and Television Studies at the University of Westminster 1998. Studying the representation of older women in film since then.
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2 Responses to Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool (2017)

  1. Alan fair says:

    I have just seen this film, as I asked for a ticket the person selling them asked which film I was going to see, Paddington or Film Stars, I replied that I had taken my grand daughter to see Paddington and was almost compelled to cover her eyes such was the sickening dithyramb to the London bourgeoisie rendered by this sickening you can imagine how gratified I was by this wonderful portrait of working class life. The two central characters were rendered with a sensitivity rare in these days of hyperbole…that love can be rendered by a look and that the camera can capture this exquisite moment reminded me that it is still possible to have a cinema of subtle poetry…

    • rinaross says:

      Thanks for this Alan. I was more than touched by the wonderful sensitivity and human decency of this great l film. Surprised by the luke warm reviews. Probably will research in the New Year .

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