VOLVER (2006) Ealing Oldies Network


Full house again at the EON : 14 women, 4 men for Volver

A very dense and complex discussion difficult to convey due to the variety of themes summarised here.

Two women had seen the film before.

Two immediate comments were:
– It is only seeing the film for the second time that I appreciated its humour.
– A male viewer saw it as a ‘Greek Tragedy’ and wondered if retribution would follow. Others disagreed.

A question and answer from the floor:
Why is he female character so sexualised the film?
Almodovar initially shows the way women are traditionally perceived (and portrayed): cleaning, cooking, sexual objects, serving and meeting men’s needs. But he also shows the other side, women’s resourcefulness, their solidarity and strength, juxtaposing the two.

Very Colourful : lots of red . Focus on the knife as weapon, first seen during washing-up scene.

Main themes: Mothers protecting children, mother/daughter relationship, family secrets, skeletons in cupboard, incest/sexual abuse, death, superstition/reality. Some thought both murders were ‘crimes of passion’, wind that make people mad, extreme ridiculousness’.
Male characters secondary. History repeating itself – abuse, killing, down the generations.

Secondary themes: plight of immigrants, Russian  emigrees, women’s poverty, private/public spheres, what kept in family ‘washing linen in private’ v disclosing personal stuff to all and sundry on reality television. Demented Aunt Paula’s home – orderly, baking produced, etc.  clue that she not alone in the house!

Film generally very well-received and much enjoyed!




About rinaross

Born in 1935. MA in Film and Television Studies at the University of Westminster 1998. Studying the representation of older women in film since then.
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2 Responses to VOLVER (2006) Ealing Oldies Network

  1. olderwomeninfilms says:

    I wish I could go with you! Getting old I have to read everything twice if I want to understand…just a little! but we now have a new filmclub in my place and it does wonders to us   Simone  


    • rinaross says:

      Great to read that you have a film club. I would be so interested to know what films you will view? who makes the choice of films and it there an intro or somebody who is knowledgeable ? and how the viewers reacted to the film. Could you inform me?

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