Why did I pair Cloud9 and Innocence? After 20 years of examining films about older women I wonder. The two films have little in common except sexual desire and sexual scenes. The first has been lauded the other neglected. The first one is embarrassingly obvious the second has many threads. The first one has no cinematic value the second uses film language wonderfully well and portrays years of living together in a credible way. 

I suppose that in my research many years ago  about old women in films these were the only ones  that included sexual scenes. 

I analysed and blogged the two films. Here I comment on the separation of two couples. In Cloud9 the husband is portrayed as a caring but boring man and the wife as a bored selfish woman who leaves her husband for a curiously uninteresting  but sporty man. The husband commits suicide. 

In Innocence the wife and lover have a past history of love if not passion. He reappears after years of force separation and their relationship is reestablished.  The wife is torn between him and a kind husband. The situation is ambiguous and difficult to solve. It is avoided by the death of the wife after a heart attack .

About rinaross

Born in 1935. MA in Film and Television Studies at the University of Westminster 1998. Studying the representation of older women in film since then.
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