23 WALKS (2020)

How I miss my older-women-in film groups. Both the Brent U3A one and the Ealing Oldies Network group. 

Both groups were very well attended (no fewer than 8 in bad weather and up to 40 people per session) by older women and the occasional brave man. The discussions were very lively. Participation was welcomed.  General interest about films varied from film buffs to less experienced in discussing films . 

We  sometimes disagreed  strongly with the reviews in the press and with one and another. But what we had in common were the long years of experience of life in general and relationships in particular and this is what is lacking in the reviews of this film. 

Many of the reviewers of the film 23 Walks talk about Romance, Late Age Romance, Autumn Romance  

Not a great film,  it is nevertheless  a very interesting film about ageing. Yes the early walks of the two characters and funny dogs tend to last a bit too long but the dogs alleviate the solitude of their owners and help bring the couple together.

What struck me is this film is the way it exposes the complex lives of old people: the present with its problems and the past still encroaching on the present. It deserves a proper analysis. 

I just wonder if an audience of old women would  read the film as I did and see in it more that just an Autumn Romance  

About rinaross

Born in 1935. MA in Film and Television Studies at the University of Westminster 1998. Studying the representation of older women in film since then.
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1 Response to 23 WALKS (2020)

  1. Rita Ferris-Taylor says:

    Hi Rina
    Yes,I miss all our times of group viewing and discussing of films re old age. I haven’t seen this film but your comments are intriguing and I will try to do so now,all the best Rita

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