“Help us make a NEW KIND of animated film… one that’s LOUD, VIOLENT and OFFENSIVE TO YOUR GRANDMA.”  screams David Fincher’s  crowdfunding appeal on  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/624061548/the-goon-movie-lets-kickstart-this-sucker.

Please Mr. Fincher enlighten me: what offends your grandma?

What offends me, grandmother and great-grandmother is not ‘mobsters, zombies, killer robots, demon priests’ but sexist and ageist filmmakers, specially producers.

About rinaross

Born in 1935. MA in Film and Television Studies at the University of Westminster 1998. Studying the representation of older women in film since then.
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  1. Margaret Gatling says:

    Very well put! I think I’ll visit that fundraising site and leave a comment from this feeble, quivering grandmother. Fetch my smelling salts!

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