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The Second Marigold Hotel

“Just because I’m looking at you when you talk, don’t think I’m listening — or even interested.”  Maggie Smith to Judy Dench I had a free couple of hours and decided reluctantly to see The Second Exotic Marigold Hotel as a … Continue reading

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Baghban (The Gardener – 2003)

66 years later than Make Way For Tomorrow and 50 years later than TS,   Baghban  (2003) treats the same subject of the generation gap in a changing world.  But in contrast to both MWT and TS Poojah the old woman … Continue reading

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Anger at Ageist review. Bradshaw and Quartet.

Oh dear. It is Peter Bradshaw’s ageism again that spurs me back  to the blog when I thought I would stop and consider at the end of this year. His review of Quartet reveals, in his critique and language, crass … Continue reading

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Ageing and Bond OO7

I was told that in Skyfall the last Bond film Judy Dench has the role of a powerful old woman,  M boss of MI6. I am still reeling from the excess of explosions, dead bodies, train, cars and helicopter crashes … Continue reading

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Old women, comedies and social issues

I have neglected the British comedies of the 30s-60s  in my research, yet  some representations of the older woman seem to be very interesting in these films. Our Older Women in Film  Group had noted that in British produced films … Continue reading

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The Grey Pound, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, The Older Demographic

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel has captured the ‘grey pound says Charles Grant in Sight and Sound  (May issue, Matinee idol P.9). He proceeds to quote the ex boss of Fox Searchlight Peter Rice “there’s an older audience and we … Continue reading

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