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La cohabitation n’a jamais fait de bien à personne. (my mother) Life  flies past us so swiftly that few of us pause to consider those who have lost the tempo of today. Their laughter and their tears we do not even … Continue reading

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The last film of the U3A in Brent at the Lexi for this academic year was Woody Allen’s You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger. The audience showed interest but no one declared that they liked the film: “True to … Continue reading

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Volver : women’s lives and deaths

The U3A screening at the Lexi in March was Almodovar’s Volver. The audience, as usual composed of a majority of women, greatly appreciated the film.   This was expressed by lively contributions by many of them. There were general comments: idealisation … Continue reading

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Old couple

I do not usually comment on films that I have seen only once.  I know full well that the immediate response to a film is very subjective and comments are often too biased by ideology and life experience to have any general … Continue reading

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