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As an old couple under lockdown for months we have been viewing an awful lot of TV (films, series,   documentaries, zooms) and had to bend to each other’s choices….  On my first viewing  I did not realise that The … Continue reading

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On 31 Jan 2021, at 17:49, Rina Rosselson <rinaross@mac.com> wrote: Why is it that the film Amour is often quoted in reviews of Still Mine?  And do all stories with old couples fall into the same genre? Isn’t Still Mine also a film about dementia? … Continue reading

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In my plan to write about and study films about dementias I realise that the research involved is too complex and beyond my available time and interest.  I know nothing about horror films and it seems to me that it … Continue reading

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AWAY FROM HER (2008) and Still Alice (2014)

Of all couple separations the separation due to dementia can be the most painful. Major illnesses in a partner, a child are also difficult to live through. It is the erasing of the partner and his/her annihilation that is unbearably … Continue reading

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There is a huge difference between my reactions to Eternity and a Day in my early 60s and now at 84. In 1998 Central Station was also released . At the time I focused my attentionon the representation of old … Continue reading

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Cinememories at the Phoenix There are many films about dementia. Most of them are documentaries but there are also more or less  accurate and enlightening feature films with famous actors.  I came across an inspiring project in London: the use … Continue reading

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Caramel (2007)

The film group film this month was Caramel. I had presented it in 2011 at the Lexi cinema to a general audience at the U3A matinée. They loved the film. On release in 2007 the critics and reviewers were in … Continue reading

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When I started my blog on the representation of old women I needed to limit my field of research. I decided to exclude animation, because I am not very versed in the genre, and documentaries because the area might be … Continue reading

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Caramel or Do You Think that you are the only one to live a lie?

When I first saw Caramel I loved it because I recognised my life in Beirut. I relished hearing Lebanese Arabic, the exuberance of conversations and the outspoken banter. It reminded me of the family waxing sessions when as I child … Continue reading

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